BoxStorTM Mission Statement

BoxStorTM is a company wholly committed to providing an unquestionable level of service, we stay in contact and we don't shirk our responsibility. Our primary objective is to look after your interests and provide you with total confidence in our performance, reliability, and availability.

About us

BoxStorTM was born out of the necessity to provide an ethical, transparent, high quality document management service at an affordable price.

Brian Traynor, Managing Director of BoxStorTM, is passionate about keeping every promise he makes. When he says “we can do that for you”, it’s true!!! And you won’t get any nasty surprises in the bill.

We treat every client as an individual with different requirements that we can tailor a package for. BoxStorTM strives to meet the needs of all their stakeholders while maintaining their values throughout.

Brian takes personal responsibility for every client and every box. “The buck stops here” he is often heard to say. Once you are a client of BoxStorTM you can be sure in the knowledge that everything possible will be done to solve any problem you have with document management.

Brian is happy to meet with you at a time and location suitable to you, to discuss how BoxStorTM could improve your working life.